Rou Jia Mo Street Sandwich  red braised pork Silencio duck tongue/rambutan fruit Like Water for Chocolate  fried quail/dragon fruit/rose petals/chestnut and dragon fruit sauce Har Gau  shrimp/pork belly Chocolate Terra Cotta Warriors caramelized bananas/sesame Kao Lao Lao steamed oat noodles/Tiger2 dipping sauce Ten Treasure fresh shrimp/soft pork/seasonal vegetables/wide cellophane noodles/good fortune Happy Buddha Giggling Taking a Bath  shaky belly strawberry gelatin

Open for lunch, dinner, and takeout, China Poblano’s menu offers Chinese noodles, dim sum and soups, served alongside tacos, guacamole, and ceviches. Here the two cuisines live side by side, not as a fusion, but as an amusing mix of elements from both traditions, together in one place.

Click below to download a PDF menu, or better yet, just come in and try for yourself.