Chinese New Year At China Poblano

Jan 5, 2017 » Comments
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Image for Chinese New Year At China Poblano

Chinese New Year Celebration
January 27 – February 11, 2017

Join us for our Chinese New Year celebration, featuring unique, authentic dishes and cocktails dedicated to the year of the Rooster.

Every dish ends in .88 because 8 is a lucky number for the Chinese.

Good Fortune and Potato: $16.88
Sautéed dried oysters with mixed vegetables over creamy potato. Garnished with a lettuce leaf.
Story: Dried oysters represent wealth and prosperity. Dried oysters is “ho see” in Cantonese, which directly translates to “Good things to come.”

Bountiful Treasure: $20.88
Fried sea cucumber with scallion, ginger, and oyster chicken stock.
Story: The sea cucumber (feng) is rich in mythological background. In Chinese folklore, Feng was an edible monster that resembles a lump of meat and magically grows back as quickly as it’s consumed. It is considered a very lucky ingredient/dish to eat.

Tied up for the Moment: $13.88
Tofu knots cooked in a red braise, wok-fried with shishito chiles, and finished with XO sauce.
Story: XO sauce is what ties this dish into the New Year celebration. This sauce is typically served to the middle class, as it takes the “top shelf of everything” to make it. It includes dried shrimp, dried scallops, dried fish, etc.

Definite Fortune: $18.88
Sautéed fresh abalone with edamame bean, wild mushroom, sesame oil and black truffle.
Story: Abalone is considered a luxury item and further fosters the idea of having wealth in the New Year.

More Things: $18.88
A plate including a variety of mini bites/desserts: a small crispy bun filled with apple; a soft dumpling filled with house-made red bean paste and rolled in sesame; an array of candies including ginger, lotus root, wintermelon, and peanuts.

Story: In Chinese culture, it’s traditional to visit with friends and family at their homes. Upon arrival, a candy is given to guests right when they arrive and right when they leave (for luck moving forward in the New Year).

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